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My Path

It’s wonderful when it happens: When you feel called to something. I have had the unbelievable luck that exactly this has happened to me – during the pregnancy and birth of my first child. The support of my midwives left such a lasting impression on me that I had only one thought in my head: 

I’m going to become a midwife.

And this despite the fact that my life was on a totally different path…


At that time I was studying Russian and Media Communications and had no ambitions whatsoever to work in the field of healthcare. But my interest in midwifery didn’t go away. I even started to go to congresses before I started my training to become a midwife. Today I have four children and a job that wholly and completely satisfies me.


I am a midwife in my heart and soul – and am still fascinated by the work of an independent midwife. I also really enjoy teaching at the University of Applied Sciences for Midwifery in Klagenfurt and being able to pass on my knowledge, my experience – and my love for the job. I find it extremely important that midwives get a good education. So that they understand what is happening during a birth. Not just with the head – but also with the heart.


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