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Nine months

You are expecting a baby. In the past in German it was said: to be full of hope. The hope being that both mother and child would survive the birth. Today these hopes have multiplied significantly: Because a woman today only gives birth to a small number of children – maybe just one – so everything has to run optimally. A dream birth. If possible, without any remaining risks.

The birth. As harmonious as possible.

As safe as is necessary.

Aware of this, I accompany you: In the knowledge that every woman is unique, every birth one-of-a-kind. A liminal experience that needs major attentiveness – and respect for life, for the individual, for your needs.

Hence the increased importance of needing to create an atmosphere of trust: which encourages a feeling of security and reassurance. It is my responsibility to find out what you need in every moment of the birth. I will give you strength so that you can grow beyond what you think your limitations are. And give your baby a good start in life.


In addition to suitable surroundings, you naturally also need good solid midwifery knowledge: What is the baby doing in this moment, what is the mother doing? How do both work together? I use my knowledge and experience so that you feel safe and secure. And are in the full of your strength.



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My acquisition of knowledge did not end with the completion of my training as a midwife. The opposite is the case. I am continually learning, I’m interested in old midwife knowledge and I’m weaving together many new threads of knowledge – like, for example, the influence of birthing hormones on the later life of the children. I’m looking forward to passing on my knowledge and experience to you. I’ve been teaching at the University of Applied Sciences for Midwifery in Klagenfurt since 2007. It is wonderful to be able to accompany young colleagues in their acquisition of skills, which with good reason have always been considered an “Art”.


We have all the time in the world. I take time for you. Very consciously. If you want, I am available for you around the clock.


I will never lecture you. Never. I always try to be aware of your needs. I accompany you and give you my complete attention and try to get a sense of how you need me to support you. My aim is for you to recognise that: I can manage this. And I can manage it by myself. Because I am in the full of my strength.

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