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What  I  can do for you

Of course you have concerns: Will everything go okay? Will I be able to hold a healthy baby in my arms? How will our family life change? A birth is a profound experience. But it is so much more than that: It is a miracle. Something sacred. The most fantastic gift that nature has given us.

· Midwifery consultation between the 18th and the 22nd week of pregnancy

  according to mother's child passport

· Support during pregnancy

   through prenatal care

· Preparation for childbirth and parenting

  through a weekend childbirth preparation course for couples

· Assistance with a home birth

· Labor support

· Childbed care after an outpatient birth

  I will look after you and your child at home for the first 24 hours after the birth

· Postpartum care after discharge from hospital

  You will give birth to your child in the clinic and once you are back home,

  I take care of it

Are you unsure which path is right for you? I am happy to advise you. Please make an appointment for a personal conversation at or + 43 / (0) 650/7403210.


What you can do for yourself

· Surround Yourself With The Nice Things In Life 

  Read books that inspire you! Smell fresh flowers, listen to your favorite music. Spend time

  with loved ones. All of your experiences are not only good for you but also your baby.


· Mother Nature Is Free 

  Sunrise-to-sunset. Rainbows. Clouds that look like dinosaurs. While you save every penny    

  before baby comes, take advantage of what's on your doorstep. Mother nature's miracles are  



· Laugh

  Those who laugh, live. Laughing makes you happy. When you are happy, so too is    

  your baby.


· Keep a pregnancy Diary

  The frustrations, the joys, strangers commenting on your glow, whatever it is, write about

  your pregnancy experience. One day you'll stumble across the diary and look back with


· Spend more time offline

  Pregnancy is a wonderful opportunity to reduce your Internet consumption.  

  Your facebook-community doesn't need a day-to-day update on the size of your tummy.

· Enjoy the calm

  It will soon become more turbulent inside your four walls. Actively enjoy the "quiet     

  moments" (this, of course, holds only true for first-time mums).


· Get in touch with your creative side

  Pregnancy brings waves of creativity; do some arts and crafts, paint or write poetry! 


· Be aware of your diet

  You're probably fed up of hearing it but it really is true, a healthy diet is the best thing you

  can do for your baby while they are tucked inside your womb. No amount of supplements

  can make up for a healthy, home-cooked dinner. I wish you bon appétit.

· Enjoy the time with your partner

  Hormones come and go but maybe you aren't quite feeling yourself? Maybe your partner is

  struggling too! It's important to remember that together you have created the gift

  of life so spoil each other and be understanding of one another.  


· Take it easy

  The last lick of paint could still be drying on the wall by the time baby comes and they

  wouldn't care, so why should you? The one thing your baby needs is a relaxed mum and that  

  means if the changing table has to wait one more day to be put together, or even a week, it

  doesn't matter. 

Go with the flow.


Antenetal classes

TIME: Once a month, every Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m., so that the partners can also take part. In times of social distancing, online courses are also held.


PLACE: The location will be announced upon registration. Please contact us if you are interested, then you will receive further information.


WHAT IT'S ABOUT: The preparation for the birth is always an attunement to parenthood. It is a personal concern of mine that my partner takes part, as I want to put the tools in the hands of men and women that are necessary to optimally support the pregnant woman.


WHAT ELSE? I will provide you with information about pregnancy, childbirth and the time afterwards - so that you understand the processes better, are not afraid of them and deal with this special situation more self-determinedly. We want you to know that many decisions are in your hands - you can determine more than you think.

Last but not least, the course also offers the opportunity to take 2 times 4 and a half hours for two. For each other. Including relaxation and massage exercises. Is the course also suitable for women who have already given birth? Absolutely. I also recommend this course to women who have already given birth to a child (or several). They are all the more challenged before the birth because they also have to look after the other children. This course is an opportunity to get in the mood for the birth and to settle in. To remember what matters. And what is important in these moments.

Future dates for the antenatal classes:

Februarkurs 09.02. + 10.02.

Märzkurs 01.03. + 02.03.

Aprilkurs 05.04. + 06.04.

Maikurs 03.05. + 04.05.

Junikurs 31.05. + 01.06.

Julikurs 05.07 + 06.07.

Augustkurs 02.08. + 03.08.

Oktoberkurs 04.10. + 05.10.

Novemberkurs 08.11. + 09.11.

Dezemberkurs 06.12. + 07.12.

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